A Proven Method To 1.5x - 5x The Value Of Your Company

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A Proven Method To 1.5x - 5x The Value Of Your Company

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Use this proven method to add hundreds of thousands, if not millions to your exit value, while Proactively developing the option to sell on your own terms.

Here's what people are saying!

The comments below are just a sample of the many entrepreneurs worldwide

who transformed their lives with my playbook.

"As Mac says, "businesses are not bought, they are sold". As you navigate this difficult entrepreneurial life where the odds are stacked against you, ask yourself: can you afford not to look at your business with the objectivity of a buyer? Is your business set up to live on without you personally embedded into its critical paths? If you're answering “no", then you'll get value from this course."

Trent H.

Founder, SAAS Company

"Mac created a powerful process for companies looking to exit in the next 5 years or 5 months. His massive experience, concise communication and systems may be the reason your company either gains or loses millions of dollars during an exit. I highly recommend Mac Lackey for any business to get the exit they deserve."

Lane Belone

Former Special Forces/Green Beret and company founder, Colorado Springs CO

"Mac's framework and course can help founders and CEOs build a solid exit strategy and exit for a higher price. I wish I met Mac 5 years ago before I started and sold my company. Instead, I spent 100s of hours trying to figure out an exit plan…ultimately ending up learning a fraction of what Mac teaches in 8 weeks.”

Sujan Patel

Serial Entrepreneur, Austin TX

Try the ebook and bonuses for 1 full year.

If, for some reason, you don’t find them useful, I’ll refund you the full $17.

Just shoot my support staff an email (mac@maclackey.com) and we’ll refund you pronto.

No More waiting around for buyers to magically appear.

No more wondering what your business is worth.

No more sleepless nights trying to plan an exit strategy.

Just A Simple eBook!

The ebook I have for sale on this page is called Creating The Exit Opportunity because that’s exactly what it is.

The proven process I’ve used to sell six companies and raise over $75 million dollars in capital.

You can use this ebook to proactively create your own highly lucrative exit opportunities if you want.

It’s only $17

If you like it, maybe you’ll discover that like most founders, you want or need to go a few levels deeper or you need help thinking through buyers and how to tell your story and you’ll want to join my cohort.

Or not.

Either way, it’s a great read that outlines the 4 critical shifts you must make as a founder to get the result you want from an exit on your terms and at max value.